Plasti Wrap Spray-on Vinyl

//Plasti Wrap Spray-on Vinyl

Plasti Wrap Spray-on Vinyl


The easy to use Plasti-Wrap Spray Can would make you achieve the perfect wrap for your vehicle. This liquid Vinyl is available in assorted colors.


Just pick the Plasti Wrap and get rid of the longer hours of labor while applying vinyl. It should be noted that the spray doesn’t make bubbles. There are no joins or cutting on your vehicle. It gives a perfect finish to your vehicle.


Instructions to follow while using Plasti Wrap:

  • Clean the item that needs to be sprayed by washing off all dirt, grease and oil.
  • Ensure that the part to be sprayed is dry.
  • Begin with spraying a light mist on the part.
  • Give a gap of 10-15 minutes between next coats.
  • You can spray as many coats as required to ensure a proper coating.
  • It would be easy to remove the current color if you apply multiple coatings.

Get a can now, for only R140.


Click on the links for different color options:

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