Racechip Tuning For Improved Driving Experience

//Racechip Tuning For Improved Driving Experience

Racechip Tuning For Improved Driving Experience

Ever felt the need for more power when driving around in your car? Sometimes, it actually feels that overtaking isn’t done in complete safety, as the throttle fails to deliver more power when you need it. Also, you may find it difficult driving up un a rather steep hill without down-shifting one, maybe two gears. While the non-petrolheads will tell you this is perfectly fine, find out that there is a viable alternative that requires no construction tampering on your car. RaceChip tuning is the optimum add-on for increased power and torque, and works on any car with an ECU.



What’s this ECU and does my car have one?

Well, unless you are a classic-car fan, owning a 1932 Chevrolet sedan (which, by the way, it’s just gorgeous), your car most likely has one. ECU stands for electronic control unit; it’s basically a small computer which acquires analog and digital data from various car sensors. Depending on the data received by the ECU, it selects a preinstalled multi-dimensional performance map and applies it to the engine. By applying a new performance map, it tunes ignition, valve timing, injection and fuel flow, all to optimize power and mileage.

However, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) electronic control units aren’t usually optimized to their maximum potential, thus leaving room for improvement. Replacing the ECU is a very expensive operation and there also isn’t any guarantee that you will be able to find a suitable replacement that will fit your car’s engine and increase performance. Using the wrong ECU could cause performance reduction and in extreme situations, engine damage. So, why not choose a cheaper 100% safe alternative, the racechip tuning.

How it works

The name is pretty much self-explanatory but let’s gets a little deeper into details. A race chip is actually a small computer with a processor and dedicated user interface. It connects through a plug&play system to your car’s ECU and is able to erase preinstalled power maps and generate new ones, writing them down in the ROM (read only memory) of your electronic control unit. The chip also must be connected to the engine, but this process doesn’t require any structural changes to the engine itself.

Once connected and set-up, once running, the chip gathers data from vehicle sensors and analyses them in real time, offering instantaneous changes to the power map, thus optimizing performance. In other words, in acts as a middle man between the engine and the ECU, gather information and feeding improved settings to the electronic control unit.

Main advantages of race chip tuning

Depending on the version of race chip you acquire, the vehicle on which is added could benefit from a power increase up to 31% and an increased torque by up to 26% more. Also, fuel consumption could go down by 1l/100km, which, in case of an average car, that is about 14% lower fuel consumption. Installation of the chip is straightforward; it can be done in one’s garage without advanced knowledge, thanks to its plug&play connectors. Once installed, user can choose between pre-defined setups such as “economy”, “sport”, “comfort”, or can go for a customized power mapping.

The chip is wrapped into an aluminum case; it is water proof and also has a small size, fitting in almost any engine bay. There are also reinforced plastic cases which are providing higher resistance values on high heat environments; these are recommended for vehicles providing over 200bhp.

Responses to Safety Concerns

As race chip tuning does not require and tampering with the construction of the engine or of the ECU, chips can be installed at home and run without any third-party authorization. Also, safety settings preinstalled into the ECU won’t be overwritten by the race chip. This way, the engine won’t run over its safety limits and a pre-existent maximum speed limit won’t be removed.

There are over 2000 car models currently supported by the RaceChip, so chances are you will find the most suitable one for the vehicle you own. Our shop offers three stages of race chip tuning: Performance, Performance Pro2 and Performance Ultimate. Choose one according to the amount of power and customization you want your car to gain.

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