Starsound Double Din DVD Player Is The Affordable iDrive

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Starsound Double Din DVD Player Is The Affordable iDrive

No need to be a petrol head in order to stay a little up to date with recent releases on the car market. But if you did not have the time to check out, here’s the latest you might care about: hybrid cars are everywhere right now; mostly every automotive brand released at least 1 hybrid version for their latest models, but great internal combustion engines are still available. Also, BMW added its iDrive multimedia system to lower-spec models, not just the 7 Series as before. It looks and feels great, as it has been designed with full respect to biometric settings, allowing for increased control and removed the need of taking your eyes off the street to change settings.

However, all these come to a price. A second-hand iDrive system is nowhere to be found below R25,000.00 and more important, it won’t fit anything else but a BMW. Don’t even think about trying to hack your car internals in order to fit the iDrive, it just won’t work and you place yourself at risk of damaging the electrical system of your vehicle. Such damage could render the car useless, and, in extreme cases, short-circuits could lead to sparks and fire. It really isn’t worth the risk when there is a great alternative such as the Starsound SSDVD Double Din DVD Player.


What’s a Double Din Player?

According to the ISO 7736 standard for multimedia audio head panels, head units come mostly in two different sizes. There is the single/simple DIN, consisting of a 180 x 50mm panel, or the double DIN, which rests at 180 x 100mm. As you can see, the difference is found at the height of the head panel. Of course, not all cars are able to accommodate a double DIN, but chances are in your favor. Over 85% of vehicles built after the year 2002 are able to fit a double-DIN while 50% of vehicles built between 1994 and 2000 are also capable of fitting a double DIN head panel.

So, why go for a double DIN instead of a single DIN head panel? Mostly because, believe it or not, size does matter. And we’re not talking about manhood, we are talking about the surface you can land your hand on when using such a gadget. It is basically impossible to fit a proper touchscreen in a single DIN, and 20 knobs per head panel are so last decade. This way, using Double Din Players will allow you to provide your car not only with a music player but actually with a fully functional multimedia system. You will be able to control volume, select music, use your phone Bluetooth to redirect calls towards the vehicle audio system and even aid in backwards parking.

What does Starsound SSDVD-8250BT have to offer?

We strongly believe that the Starsound SSDVD is definitely an affordable version of the well-known iDrive multimedia system from BMW. Why is that? In case you were wondering, here are just a few of the features provided by Starsound SSDVD double DIN player:

  • capacitive 6.2-inch touchscreen
  • Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility
  • GPS
  • Remote control
  • Subwoofer line-out
  • Vehicle steering wheel compatibility
  • AV input/output

The integrated GPS system uses up-to-date TomTom maps to ensure you actually get to the destination and not to the next state as a respectable 60-year old lady from Germany did last year. Along with the features mentioned above the Starsound SSDVD-8250BT also comes with a free rear camera input slot. This way, if your car has a rear parking camera you will be able to fully take advantage of it and nail that parking spot.

Do you enjoy that subwoofer pumping bass while you are cruising around the city? Starsound SSDVD-8250BT has a dedicated line-out jack to connect your subwoofer. Along with the 4x55W lines providing signal to your car’s speakers, the newly made orchestra should sound great indeed.

The Starsound SSDVD-8250BT can be bought at Autostyle Online for only R3500.00 and in the same time enjoy free delivery.

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