Three Words To Light You Up: Philips X-Treme Vision

//Three Words To Light You Up: Philips X-Treme Vision

Three Words To Light You Up: Philips X-Treme Vision

Gone are the days when lighting up your headlights shone no more light that two candles placed on the front bumper. Nowadays, comfort in automotive driving has gone up quite a few levels. While leather interiors, temperature control on two zones and intuitive multimedia systems are all increasing comfort on the inside of the car, what can you do to see better on the road at night? Improve your headlights of course. Newer vehicles come equipped with xenon system headlights while the high end ones are already featuring LED matrix technology, something that was just a concept not many years back.


All the above sounds futuristic and efficient, but if you own a car that is a bit older, chances are you fill find quite a few impediments in mounting such a system on your girl. For example, xenon lightning requires specialty glass for headlights. If your car came equipped with standard halogen bulbs, the glass in front of the headlight will be stripped instead of flat. If that is the case, xenon lighting will misbehave, as the light rays will disperse into wrong directions, not providing a good lightning on the road and equally blinding oncoming fellow drivers. Not even to talk about the high costs of buying and installing the equipment behind the xenon bulb which makes it usable. When using high-end technology is not going to cut it, having better bulbs might be surprisingly effective.

Philips X-Treme Vision headlight bulb series are probably the best choice when one wants to enhance night time driving visibility while making sure his eyes don’t get too tired because of the color temperature of the emitted light. Thanks to the patented X-Treme Vision technology, Philips headlight bulbs allow for an increased lighting distance as well as a higher intensity, without affecting vision of the driver or oncoming traffic participants. Depending on the type suitable for your car, you can opt for one of the following Philips X-Treme Vision bulbs:

  • Philips X-Treme Light H1
  • Philips X-Treme Light H4
  • Philips X-Treme Light H7

The number after each H represents the compatibility of the bulb with the socket found on your car’s headlights. The most common of them is the H4 bulb, while the newer vehicles are using the H7 socket. Nevertheless, the socket does not affect light quality in any way. This is why Philips X-Treme Vision bulbs on all three sockets offer an increase in visibility by 35 meters while it offers 100% more light than regular halogen ones.

Still, how does any of these help? First of all, an increased light projection distance can enhance the reaction time of  driver by 2 seconds. While in day to day lives, 2 seconds is not a big deal, when driving at night, it may be the difference between hitting an animal on the road and braking safely before the poor raccoon. Secondly, we tend to look into the distance when driving, willing to anticipate. Longer light projection distance allows just that; to look further ahead.

Philips X-Treme headlight bulbs are great to replace halogen, but if you are the owner of a HID system and looking for a higher performance xenon bulb, you can find a Philips X-Treme Vision HID replacement on our store. it provides 50% more light on the road compared to a standard HID bulb, and also features 20% increase in brightness while maintaining the same color temperature.

Get your  Philips X-Treme Vision bulbs and Philips X-Treme Vision HID replacement xenon bulbs from Autostyle Online at unbeatable prices.

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