Upgrading Car’s Aesthetics With Turtle Wax

//Upgrading Car’s Aesthetics With Turtle Wax

Upgrading Car’s Aesthetics With Turtle Wax

If you own a vehicle since longer than 6 months, chances are you pulled your hair out noticing yet another scratch on the bumper after letting your ride rest in the parking lot while you did grocery shopping. Thank god it is not bent, one might say, but in the end, a scratch looks bad no matter how thin. This is a real problem, especially when you care a lot about your car’s aesthetics, and wish to keep it in the best possible shape. Fortunately, Turtle Wax provides a whole range of car cleaning and care products, designed to repair, clean and protect both the inside and the outside of a vehicle. So, what exactly can you do with Turtle Wax?


Remove Scratches

Either you’ve done it during a road through the woods or a not so careful driver did it, it doesn’t matter. Scratches are quite frustrating to see, especially on glossy paint jobs. There are countless products that promise to magically dissolve the scratch, no matter how big. However, usually the effect lasts for a couple of days or, if lucky, until you take the vehicle to a car wash. Instead, Turtle Wax Precision Scratch Remover works by using a very fine abrasive powder formula which is guaranteed to keep the paint intact, without developing micro-scratching.

The best thing is, the product works on any paint type, such as clear coats or metallics. And, at R120.00, it really worth a shot.

Make it shine

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t trust city car wash centers and prefer to do the work on your own, then a set of efficient tools is recommended to have at hand. So, what exactly do you need besides a fine brush and water? You need something to make the dust go away, all of it. You don’t want to only remove fine dust off the car, but also impregnated dirt that usually puts up a fight before going down. To get as close as possible to the look of a car that just got out of a professional car wash, you can try out Turtle Wax Showroom Shine shampoo. The name may sound like pure advertising, but you will change your mind as soon as you see the results.

Featuring a concentrated formula, it allows you to remove every bit of dust and dirt from the car, allowing in the same time to shine in light and to keep away any incoming dust particles.

Get a professionally looking interior

Okay, since we’ve done pretty much everything that could’ve been done for the outside of the car, it’s time to go inside. It may seem that things get complicated; that is, until you get the right tools to do the trick. Cleaning the ICE (in car entertainment) system shouldn’t be done with water under any circumstances. However, using an interior cleaning product such as Perfect Finish will render all the plastic elements back to their original, shiny state. The great part? It does not leave any white spots or other markups.

What about tyres? How to get them black again?

Indeed you can. However, stop using petrol or other flammable substances to get them black again. They may do the job, but they may also set your tyres on flames in a very hot summer day. Instead, try out a gel that cleans and polishes tyres, making them look good.

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