2016 Autostyle Motorshow Announcement

Due to unforeseen circumstances the 2016 Autostyle Motorshow has been cancelled.

Autostyle Car Styling Instagram Roundup

Need some car styling inspiration? We have Audi A1 tuning, Hondas, Gti's and some Star Wars images too.  Enjoy!

2015 Autostyle Motorshow Photogalleries

*We'll be updating this post as we add more photographs and results as they come in* The 2015 Autostyle Motorshow turned out to be our biggest event ever, and the largest event ever held at [...]

Car Styling Ideas and Inspiration

Check out some of the latest car styling, alloy wheels, and general tuning from our instagram feed.

Upgrading Car’s Aesthetics With Turtle Wax

If you own a vehicle since longer than 6 months, chances are you pulled your hair out noticing yet another scratch on the bumper after letting your ride rest in the parking lot while you did grocery shopping. Thank god it is not bent, one might say, but in the end, a scratch looks bad no matter how thin. This is a real problem, especially when you care a lot about your car’s aesthetics, and wish to keep it in the best possible shape. Fortunately, Turtle Wax provides a whole range of car cleaning and care products, designed to repair, clean and protect both the inside and the outside of a vehicle. So, what exactly can you do with Turtle Wax? […]

2015 Autostyle Motorshow is confirmed!

Mark your calendars KZN friends and fans. The annual Autostyle Motorshow is spinning your way on October 11th 2015 This year, we've partnered with Sibaya Entertainment Kingdom to bring you our biggest motorshow yet. Sibaya [...]

Three Words To Light You Up: Philips X-Treme Vision

Gone are the days when lighting up your headlights shone no more light that two candles placed on the front bumper. Nowadays, comfort in automotive driving has gone up quite a few levels. While leather [...]

Tyre Care 101 – You Might Be Doing It Wrong

That line-6 engine sounds great, doesn't it? But that supercharged V8 is even better; it delivers more power and torque to the wheels. There is no replacement for displacement, right? What if I'll tell you [...]

Starsound Double Din DVD Player Is The Affordable iDrive

No need to be a petrol head in order to stay a little up to date with recent releases on the car market. But if you did not have the time to check out, here's [...]

Racechip Tuning For Improved Driving Experience

Ever felt the need for more power when driving around in your car? Sometimes, it actually feels that overtaking isn't done in complete safety, as the throttle fails to deliver more power when you need [...]